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Riverbank can help your child and family experience healing and growth with issues related to:

  • Anxiety

  • Military life

  • Self-esteem

  • Anger/impulsivity

  • Communication skills

  • ​Trauma​

  • Grief/loss

  • ​Depression​

  • Family conflict​​

  • School/peer issues

Specialties & Services

Play Therapy

Play is a child's natural way of processing and learning. Play therapy provides a safe and fun opportunity for children to solve problems, feel more confident, and regulate big emotions. I utilize an evidence-based approach called child centered play therapy that allows children to work on the things they need to at their own pace.

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are reserved for children and adolescents ages 3-18. In an individual session, I meet one-on-one to address concerns that are identified during the initial intakes evalutaion and subsequent sessions. 

Adolescents & Teens

You couldn’t pay me to be a teenager again! These are some of the hardest, most confusing years of life, not to mention all of the added pressures teens have these days. I have such an admiration for teenagers’ resiliency and am passionate about helping them navigate all that life throws at them. I believe teenagers should have a say in their treatment so to honor their autonomy, my approach involves a collaboration between myself, client, and caregiver.

Family Therapy

For children that I provide individual therapy to, I also offer family therapy. Depending on treatment goals and needs, family sessions may look different each time-- for example, some sessions might involve directive play to increase positive interactions and build relationships while others might focus on improving problem-solving skills and resolving issues as a family. 

Parental Support

In-person or via telehealth, I encourage monthly parent/caregiver consultations. Not only to check in with how things are progressing at home, but for support. You are the expert in your child's life. Although I am not yet a parent myself, I bring to the table experience of working with hundreds of parents over the years. Let me just say if you are here reading this, you are a loving and caring parent that wants the best for your child. You need and deserve support too.


As a military spouse, I understand the unique stressors and impact of military life to service members and their families. Whether it be building a strong support system, managing deployments, stress management, adjusting to new location/school, etc, I am honored to help fellow military families.

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